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Welcome to Cleveland Mobile Locksmith.

Cleveland Mobile Locksmith provides 24/7 professional, reliable and fast lock & key services.
Our mission is to be there for you around the clock, day & night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and provide you with the most affordable and creative locksmith solutions throughout Cleveland OH metro area!

Your security is our business!
You can rely on our experienced professional locksmiths when it comes to home and auto emergencies, as well as your business requirements.

Here at Cleveland Mobile Locksmith we believe that a happy customer is a customer that comes back again. Therefore, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!


Cleveland Mobile Locksmith – Security Tips.

Recommendation #1:

Many homes have patio doors that are of the older, more vulnerable models. While these doors might seem secure, as they have a standard lock fitted into them, they are targets for burglars who know how to lift these doors right out of their tracks—with little to no difficulty.

One lock on your patio door is simply not enough to protect your residence from intruders. Whether you’re at home or out for an evening at the Cleveland Play House, your backyard entrance can be an easy target for robbers, one that not many homeowners often consider.

That’s why we consider it truly important to have your patio door fitted with extra forms of security, particularly multi-point locking strips and other such lock replacements and installations that can prevent your door from ever being removed from its tracks. It’s time to reconsider the doorways of your home—the back door is just as viable as the front and it deserves just as much protection.

Recommendation #2:

When confidential papers are locked up in a filing cabinet, it’s of utmost importance to make sure that the cabinet is adequately locked up. There are many file cabinet locks that are weaker than they appear, and our locksmiths are able to identify such flaws in security. That’s why you should call over the professionals at Cleveland Locksmiths to test out the strength of your file cabinet locks.

Your documents might not be as safe as you’d imagine. Testing out the safety of your locks is not recommended; a professional touch would prevent damage to your cabinet locks, which is why our experts are ideal for the job. Don’t rely on the security team of your building, even if you are in the Terminal Tower. You should always take the initiative for your commercial offices and secure the locks on your filing cabinets.

Recommendation #3:

Trunk locks can often get jammed simply because of what’s inside the trunk. There can be either too much material inside the trunk, preventing a proper closing of the lock, or there can be something that protrudes from the trunk that wasn’t pushed down before the driver closes the trunk.

Many times, when our locksmiths are called over to repair busted trunk locks, the source of the problem is not that the lock is broken but that it is just caught on something. In order to avoid such hassles—ones that could actually lead to damaged trunk locks—one answer would be to never overfill your trunk, and to remove or adjust anything that could possibly obstruct your vehicle’s trunk lock. So before you head in to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo after pulling the stroller out of the trunk, make sure that there’s nothing in the way of the lock.